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Blake Rayne


It's been an exciting ride not only playing the lead role in "The Identical", but getting the opportunity to learn so much about every aspect of the business.  What happens in front of the camera is important, even paramount.  But I am still amazed at the number of talented people and the unbelievable hours it takes behind the camera to make a movie.

There have been a ton of questions about the release date of the movie.  All I can tell you is that we are very close to having that date!  Without a doubt, as soon as I know, you will know!

In the meantime, take a look at some of the latest news about "The Identical"... Read closely, and you may be able to figure a few things out yourself!  Cheers, BR


THE IDENTICAL - Taking the Music on The Road

Blake Rayne on Stage at Coushatta Casino Resort in Louisiana with The Identical Music Tour.

The music from the movie, "The Identical" is on tour both domestically and abroad.

According to Blake Rayne, "It's a great way to promote the movie.  The music is all original, and the show rocks.  It's exciting to be on a stage again.  I love live performances."

To date, the show has been played at a casino in Louisiana, and for a number of promotional events in Austin, TX, Nashville, TN, and at one of L.A.'s most historic music venues, The Troubadour.

Additional tour dates are currently in the works, and are expected to ramp up as the release date nears.

In addition to world-wide show cases, you can expect to see The Music from The Movie "The Identical" at a number of film festivals and conventions world-wide in 2014.